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16th Wisconsin Infantry

16th Wisconsin Infantry[1]

Killed or Died of Wounds:[2]
George M. Camp (A), John Crank (A)[3], Joshua Eldridge (A), Cyrus B Howe (A), John Lerch (A), Corporal James W Marshall (A)[4], James Patterson (A), Captain Edward Saxe (A), First Lieutenant Cooley Smith (A), William P Walbridge (A), Sergeant John H. Williams (A), Charles Dart (B)[5], Ever S Evenson (B), Corporal Timothy H. Morris (B), Henry Powers (B), Joseph C Quiner (B)[6], August W Filke (C)[7], Henry Holton (C), Malcolm McMillan (C), Garret O Post (C), Sergeant James P. Wilson (C), Milo Farrington (D), Harrison Fuller (D), Alfonso Harrington (D), Captain Oliver D Pease (D), Corporal William M. Taylor (D), August Wollem (D), Corporal Augustus Caldwell (E), Sergeant Joseph L. Holcomb (E)[8], Michael Kennedy (E)[9], Lewis E Knight (E)[10], Philo Perry (E)[11], Erwin Rider (E)[12], Samuel Smith (E), Henry L Thomas (E)[13], Sergeant Almon Webster (E), Color Sergeant John P. Willis (E)[14], Jonathan Bennett (F), Harrison E Carey (F), Hiram Huggins (F), Samuel Long (F), John McNown (F), Anthony Morse (F), Franklin Prevey (F), Lyman Stilson (F), William Archer (G), Corporal Noah Barnum (G), Lewis R Belknapp (G), Oliver H Browning (G), Charles H Francisco (G)[15], John L Henegan (G), Charles Mauck (G), Corporal James V. Walker (G), Sergeant Henry Babcock (H), John Blair (H), George H Haskins (H), Orville Herrick (H), Charles Hodge (H), Richard Leigh (H), George Lincoln (H), Corporal George J Rashaw (H), Livius Raymond (H), George Skeels (H), Sergeant Asa D Thompson (H), William Austin (I), George Bucchill (I), Alonzo Clifford (I), Harrison C Howard (I), Corporal John C Long (I), John Solomon (I), Corporal William V Turck (I), First Lieutenant Charles H Vail (I), Morgan F Wooding (I), William A Clark (K), Corporal Ephraim Cooper (K), John Hennesey (K), Corporal Samuel Gunther (K), Thomas Manning (K), John Murphy (K), Stoel A Tousley (K), William H Tousley (K) and Corporal Orlando J Valentine (K).

Colonel Benjamin Allen, Lieutenant Colonel Cassius Fairchild, Reuben Billings (A), Peter Bird (A), James O Champlin (A), George Cronk (A)[17], Luman Hall (A), Bodine Hawley (A)[18], James H Kellogg (A), John Michaels (A), Peter Nelson (A), John A Smith (A), Thomas T Warren (A), Newton Whitman (A), Joab Brobst (B), Horace Chapin (B), Peter W Cross (B), Ezra M Ellis (B), Hiram F Hanes (B), Corporal Albert A Hoskin (B), Jacob Jargenson (B), Henry Nancarson (B), First Sergeant Eber G Wheeler (B), Henry CM Gould (C), Frederick Grobman (C), Joseph W Hampton (C), Second Lieutenant Paschal M Hovey (C), William J Kruschke (C), Max Mertz (C), Captain Horace D Patch (C), Corporal Frederick Rex (C), William H Stevens (C), Corporal Henry A Turner (C), John S Bean (D), Alvin W Cook (D), Dennis Delanty (D), Joseph Edwards (D), Josiah W Fields (D), Herman Gerecke (D), William Hamilton (D), James M Lyons (D), Newton R Towsley (D), Oscar R Bronson (E), Jesse Crouch (E), Hosea Hugoboom (E), Henry Lininger (E), James McPheeters (E), Daniel O Miltimore (E), Aaron Newcomb (E), Corporal Robert D Sparks (E), Perry R Stivers (E), Franklin Stowell (E), William O Bassett (F), Corporal Stephen Bailey (F), George Birdsill (F), Ebenezer Bowker (F), Francis E Brink (F), Lorenzo Claflin (F), Sergeant Erastus A Devan (F), John Duckworth (F), Archibald McCall (F), John McIntire (F), Corporal Joseph McMurtry (F), Samuel Monroe (F), Charles Moore (F), Ole Nielson (F), Sergeant Edwin W Persons (F), Samuel C Plummer (F), Corporal George Speed (F), Julius Thatcher (F), Captain Harrison V Train (F), Edward Trumble (F), Corporal William HH Beebe (G), Sergeant Andrew Chambers (G), Sanders Cochrane (G), Sergeant James Crawford (G), John D Francisco (G), Peter L Francisco (G), Sergeant John M Jones (G), Corporal Jackson P Long (G), Ashabel Loomis (G), David B McCourtie (G), Thomas McGillin (G), First Sergeant Michael E O’Connell (G), George O’Dell (G), John T Pearsons (G), George W Ritter (G), Corporal James Smith (G), William Smith (G), John Tomlinson (G), John B VanVleck (G), Captain John R Wheeler (G), Hiram Bell (H), Levi S Bennett (H), Charles Bump (H), David Collier (H), Sergeant David W Dalrymple (H), Charles Doolittle (H), John W Haskins (H), John Lamb (H), William H Rice (H), Leander Roberts (H), Robert W Sanders (H), William Suring (H), Corporal Hezekiah White (H), Frank E Wicks (H), Edgar Wood (H), Frederick A Cherry (I), Philip H Dunphy (I), Jacob Fawsett (I), Charles S French (I), Henry C Hall (I), Michael Hassley (I), Frederick S Haughawout (I), August Link (I), George Long (I), George W Pease (I), Thomas Pendergrass (I), Lemuel Phelps (I), Second Lieutenant David G Purman (I), Morgan J Smith (I), Sergeant William HH Townsend (I), Edward D Bradford (K), John Clark (K), Anthony Collins (K), First Sergeant John L Derickson (K), Robert H Ingersoll (K), Gregory Janish (K), Elijah D King (K)[19], Lars Nelson (K), Edward M O’Neil (K)[20], James Reeves (K), Selby Trumbell (K)[21], Second Lieutenant David F Vail (K), Benjamin F Walker (K), Corporal Thomas Wildman (K) and Captain George C. Williams (K)[22] and Corporal Geo. W. Hedding (K)[23], Wm. Cooper (K)[24], Cornelius Murphy (K)[25],

George Cronk (A)[27], Bodine Hawley (A)[28], Aaron D Hollenbeck (A), Aaron Hollenbeck (B), Max Mertz (C), Jonathan Ellsworth (F), Freeman Pearsoll (F) and Benjamin L Dean (H)[29].

Missing in Action:[30]
Joseph Dexter (B), Jesse Hills (B), Lewis Fleischbin (D), Chester W Haskins (D), Lewis Pettit (E)[31], John A Ferguson (F), James Rands (G), Willaim B Parks (H), George M Porter (H), Mills Redfield (H) and John Weigle (I).

[1] This individual casualty report is derived from the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, Wisconsin Monument Commission Report and the 1865 Adjutant General’s Report. The pertinent pages of each are; Roster (Vol 2) pp. 1-48, Adjutant Report pp. 273-281 and Commission Report pp. 45-7. Some Company G information found on, accessed March 6, 2001. Some Company K information found on, accessed August 20, 2004. This Ozaukee website was a reprint from The Port Washington Star, by Daniel E. McGinley, first printed July 11, 1896.
[2] Killed and died of wounds list taken from commission report and checked against the roster and adjutant’s report.
[3] Commission says died of wounds. Adjutant and roster say died of disease.
[4] Died while a prisoner. Not clear if he died of wounds or disease.
[5] Adjutant says died of disease. Roster and commission says died of wounds.
[6] Headstone in Shiloh cemetery says Joseph C. Quinn.
[7] Adjutant says died of disease. Roster and commission says died of wounds.
[8] Member of color guard.
[9] Wounded and captured. Died of wounds while a prisoner.
[10] Member of color guard.
[11] Member of color guard.
[12] Member of color guard.
[13] Member of color guard.
[14] Member of color guard.
[15] Adjutant and commission say killed in action. Roster says given disability discharge on October 29, 1862. Website,, says killed. Is buried in the Shiloh cemetery so while that only confirms that he died it does not confirm that he was killed in the battle. It is possible that shortly after his discharge he died and was then buried in the Shiloh cemetery.
[16] Wounded list taken from roster. No mention of wounded made in adjutant’s report or in commission report.
[17] Also listed as captured.
[18] Also listed as captured.
[19] Ozaukee newspaper says mortally wounded.
[20] Ozaukee newspaper says mortally wounded.
[21] Ozaukee newspaper says corporal.
[22] Colonel Allen is only one to mention Williams' wounding. The Roster only says that he was enlisted, commissioned and resigned. Letter from Colonel Allen to August Gaylord, dated May 6, 1862.
[23] Ozaukee newspaper says wounded.
[24] Ozaukee newspaper says wounded.
[25] Ozaukee newspaper says wounded.
[26] Prisoner list taken from roster. No mention of prisoners made in adjutant’s report or in commission report.
[27] Also listed as wounded.
[28] Also listed as wounded.
[29] Died while a prisoner
[30] Missing list taken from commission report and checked against roster. No mention of missing made in adjutant’s report. Letter from Colonel Allen to August Gaylord, dated May 6, 1862. Allen writes, "Of the missing, some have been heard from by other regiments saying that they had buried some of them. They knew them by the number on their caps and buttons on their coats."
[31] Louis Pettis of company D is listed as missing in the roster. There is no Pettit or Pettis in company E.

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