Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Casualty lists

I think the post that generated the most comments was when I posted a list of casualties in the Wisconsin regiments. Genealogists found my page while looking for their ancestors and were grateful for the information I had. And they asked me about other men as well. So I've decided to post casualty lists here as a source for genealogists. Its not something one can just sit and read but I've made some good contacts with genealogists over the years, sometimes they have letters and diaries that they are willing to share. I will try to post 2-3 casualty lists here a week. The emphasis will be on Union regiments as there are more complete records there but I'll share the Confederate lists I have too, just don't expect there to be too many.


Jim Miller said...

Nick, I have more than a few casualty lists from the Iowa regiments at Shiloh that I've transcribed from newspapers that I have posted at Civil War Notebook ( you are more than welcome to copy & post here. I would only ask that you link back to Civil War Notebook at the bottom of each post.

Debra said...

Perhaps someone can help me. I am trying to find evidence of a Lt. Major Kenneth Maitland dying in the battle4 of Shiloh. Where should I start if this is realkly all of the info. I have currently?My e mail is if you have some advice. Thanks! D. Marshall