Monday, April 26, 2010

15th Michigan Infantry

15th Michigan Infantry[1]

Benjamin Archer (A), Walter O’Bryan (A), Corporal Benjamin J. Decker (B), Stephen A. Dulai (B), Joseph Ellard (B), Peter Evans (B), William Cowen (C), Cassius Harback (C), James N. Hornbeck (C), James J. Murphy (C), Henry S. O’Brien (C), Walter C. Palmer (C), Corporal Thomas Reynolds (C), Joseph Violett (C), Henry Wyman (C), John N. Bartholomew (D), Richard Carl (D), George Decker (D), Corporal Peter R. Dely (D), Orin D. Eaton (D), Frederick Frowl (D), Thomas J. Hoffman (D), Samuel McDonald (D), George Paddock (D), John Smith (D), Bruce Welter (D), William Gardner (E), Corporal Robert Brown (F), Malvin W. Dresser (F), George Shepard (F), Hiram Slater (F), James Stewart (F), Thoms A. Young (F), Yesant Cournia (G), David Cratcher (G), Frederick Bowers (H), Robert Craig (H), Stephen Duso (H), William Grimes (H), Richard P. Rider (H), A.D. Armstrong (I), William Conrad (I), Wallace Dibble (I), Bennoni Gifford (I), James J. Nichols (I), Captain George A. Strong (I) and Peter Ostram (K).

David Fowler (A)[2], John W Loucks Jr. (A), Joseph Watson (A), Francis Guior (B)[3], Corporal Charles Henderson (B), Sergeant Andrew LaForge (B), Sergeant George Loranger (B), William Nichols (B), Corporal Isadore Trombley (B), John Bell (C), Hiram Brown (C), Artemus R. Carpenter (C), Heny Corydon (C), Corporal John Leikman (C), John B. Martz (C), Thomas Newell (C), Frederick Rath (C), Amos W. Saunders (C), Ernest Soupper (C), Jacob Belia (D)[4], Sergeant Julius K. Blackburn (D), William E. Blackburn (D), Jesse Bowers (D), Isaac Countryman (D), Anthony Dubry (D), Charles Frey (D), Lewis Hope (D), Henry Persons (D), Druses Shaumway (D), Henry Damm (E), William George Fox (E), Henry Gorham (E), Henry McCann (E), Frederick Singer (E), Lawrence Cronan (F), Thomas R. Gallagher (F), John Hoffman (F), First Sergeant Frederick S. Hutchinson (F), Sergeant George A. Leonard (F), Abbot Taylor (F), Reuben Wilson (F), Frank T. Bondy (G), Michael Dattle (G)[5], Peter Duchane (G), Edward McGuire (G), Michael McHugh (G), James A. Morgan (G), Casper Naugle (G), George Norton (G), Justin Willard (G), Henry Bradley (H), William Ford (H), Levi E. Rich (H), James Brown (I), Hiram Jacobs (I), Jerome Keith (I), Joseph Nephue (I), Samuel J.M. Parks (I), Samuel B Revenaugh (I), Henry F. Wallace (I), First Sergeant John Bell (K), Justus D. Johnson (K), Gordon Kordon (K), John Maloney (K), Benjamin F. Southworth (K) and Charles Werther (K).

Michael Johnson (A)[6], Martin Murray (C), Clark Lonsbury (D), Joseph Millward (D)[7], Chapman Elenberger (F)[8], John Felton (H) and Simon Miller (K)[9].

[1] Brown, George H, Adjutant General. Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War 1861-1865. Volume 15. (Kalamazoo: Ihling Bros. and Everard, 1915.)
[2] Also captured.
[3] Also missing.
[4] Died May 24, 62, cause not stated.
[5] Died May 22, 62, cause not stated.
[6] Also wounded.
[7] Also wounded.
[8] Deserted April 6, 62.
[9] Deserted 9 April 62.


Tom McCarten said...

I have a Civil War Discharge Tableaux by J. W. Carnahan for Michael Johnson of the 15th Michigan Infantry. In the Tableaux it says he was shot in the leg at Shilo and it had to be amputated. I see he is listed as missing in your blog. I have pics of the discharge tableaux if you are interested.

John McDonald said...

Michael Dattle wounded at the battle of Shiloh was actually Michael Doettl He died of his wounds and is buried in St Louis under the name Michael Datte. Also he was 56 years old not the 44 that the Army thought he was..John McDonald Jackson Mi..

Anonymous said...

Thomas Sears named after John Sears Father.
The 15th Il infantry command grant& Rogers.
Thomas J Sears - 15th illinois infantry -
became a deserter after participating
in many battles seeing terrible things
.So with other men Thomas Sears deserted.
Homeguard/Military came to John Sears home
ask for saddle,horses & supplies and Mr Sears
yelled you cant take my __.Then military shot
Mr Sears and WIfe Hannah behind the front door.
John L Sears Served andrew jackson-Lousiana.
John L Sears served blackhawk war abe Lincoln.
Thomas J Sears was not at his parents Home8-11-1864..
Thomas J sears March 3,1832- died Dec 22,1903.
Spouses-Joicey 1st and Mary 2nd (both sisters)
Thomas J Sears -Chicago Il-in April 1865.
Q.did ever serve under clingsman (woods?)
A.(thos) " NO,Sir".
Thomas Sears got fight man that shot father.
Thomas Sears became sheriff in Missouri.