Friday, March 5, 2010

Franklin - Fort Granger

Fort Granger was built by the Union to control the town of Franklin, and primarily the bridge over the river. It is on a high hill north of the town.

This marker shows a war-time image and helps you figure out where things are today. Its a bit hard because there are a lot more trees today than when the image was created, plus there are modern buildings that obscure the view, but overall there is a good view from here.

On the far right of the picture is Winstead Hill, subject of a post last week. Here is a detail of the war-time image.

And a similar view today (the angle doesn't appear to be 100% the same but its close). You can definitely see the Columbia Pike in the gap between the two hills. The light green area on Winstead Hill would be roughly where the parking lot is to see the markers and monuments on Winstead Hill, most of them are just inside the tree line.

And now a few pictures inside of Fort Granger. Many earthen forts of the time look like this now. You can make out some gun placements but by and large there is not a tremendous amount of information to be gleaned here. The high ground and the walls would have made this a tough fort to take but if an army had really been interested in capturing this fort it would have fallen. Its not strong enough that it would have been impossible to capture.

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