Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sympsoium recap

I'm proud to say that the Rocky Mountain Civil War Symposium was a success. We are at the point where I have no doubt we'll put on a quality show, all I worry about now is getting people in to see the show. Attendance this year was a bit down from last year. We had 57 paid attendees, last year was 64. Its not a huge drop and we secured deals on hotels and airfare that meant the profit margin was about the same as last year, a final tally is not yet possible as book sales continue. But once we sell those final books we should be around where we were last year; we lose money but not too much. Next month the symposium committee will meet and figure out how to make the next event even bigger.

I'll post some pictures and a review of the presentations tomorrow. But today it feels good to have most of the symposium work done. Now its just a matter of tallying up the final bills, and returning the books we can return. Then I can take a break from symposium activities for awhile.


Robert said...

Hi Nick,

Do you have any signed copies of books left for those of unfortunate enough to live nowhere near the syposium? Thanks. Robert

TPS said...

Hi Nick

It was a great conference, and as the managing director of Savas Beatie (www.savasbeatie.com), let me take this opportunity to thank you for booking so many of our authors, which made my presence a happy requirement.

(Robert, if Nick does not have any copies left, just let us know and we will get you what you need.)


Theodore P. Savas
Savas Beatie LLC

Nick said...

Look through the previous posting and let me know what you'd like. And I'll tell you if we have any left.