Friday, October 9, 2009

Symposium Review

The Community College of Aurora is a great partner in the Rocky Mountain Civil War Symposium because they give us a great space, and plenty of it.

This is our entry way, which should make it quite clear to anyone wandering in that this is a Civil War event, Lee is featured prominently and we had two Civil War prints for raffle set up right when they first came in.
On the other side of the entry way was our registration table and the food line, right now its set up for breakfast. Breakfast and lunch are included in the ticket price.

The big screen was working, technology is sometimes iffy but today it worked well.

A view of the auditorium as people start to fill in. This was pretty early, by the end we had almost 60 paid attendees.
Our book room, which had a ton more books for sale than last year. It also was a bigger room than last year.

Round table member Brent Brown set up a small part of his saber collection. I got my picture pretty late in the day, earlier there were tags on each saber identifying what it was.

Later I'll post more details of the talks but our schedule was:
Russel Beatie talked about the corps structure in the Army of the Potomac from its inception through Gettysburg.
Stephen Recker spoke about the 9th Corps at Antietam (and giving a wonderful view of Virtual Antietam).
Bradley Gottfried covered the best and worst performing brigades at Gettysburg.
Lance Herdegen reviewed the Iron's Brigades involvement in the Antietam and Gettysburg campaigns.
Tim Smith compared the differing preservation methods used at Antietam and Gettysburg.
Left to right is Tim Smith, Stephen Recker, Wesley Harris, Ted Savas, Russel Beatie, Bradley Gottfried and Lance Herdegen. Harris is a new author in the Savas-Beatie stable and Savas came out partly because we had so many of his authors speaking at the event. Only Recker has not been published by Savas-Beatie.

Ted Savas also spoke briefly during the lunch hour about some publishing related issues. He also showed off an advance copy of Dave Powell's "Maps of Chickamauga." This should be out in a few weeks so we took some orders at the event.

Near the end of the event we had a panel discussion that went well. I think we could have gone longer than an hour but an hour is probably a good length of time, don't want to over do it either.

And then we capped the day with an author signing.

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