Thursday, July 30, 2009

National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning

I went to Columbus, Georgia, to see the naval museum but also went to the National Infantry Museum inside Fort Benning. Once you pass gate security it was a great museum, luckily I was traveling with a retired Staff Sergeant so the MPs didn't bother us much.

The museum covers the whole history of the US Army. There are more exhibits on World War II but that is mostly because of the size of the collection.

This diorama of the Battle of Monongahela is not Civil War related but I thought it was interesting.

This is the flag for the 39th Infantry, it is a post war flag as the 39th was not formed until 1866.

The notation for this flag stated that it was found on the battlefield of Gettysburg. Was it a regimental flag? Did it fly over a building in town? No other info on its origin was on the sign.

Another flag for a Colored Regiment, the number is not clear in my picture. But since its actually referred to as a "Colored" regiment I believe that this is of Civil War vintage.

My pictures of the other Civil War exhibits didn't turn out too well due to the reflection and glare off the display cases.
Outside is a tank park, which are always fun to wander through.

And a picture of Confederate General Henry L. Benning, for whom the fort is named. Benning lived most of his adult life in Columbus.

I thought the museum was neat and probably would visit it again if I was in the area but wouldn't make a special trip to see. Yesterday though I saw pictures of the museum on Lee White's facebook and it appears much different, he even called it the best museum he's been to. I guess I'll have to go check it out again to see all the changes.


Mr. Young said...

I think you went to the old museum and not the new one that is just off post.

It is located at 3800 South Lumpkin Rd. in Columbus between Benning Blvd. and South Lumpkin Rd.

Scott Stemler said...

Thanks for posting the diorama of the Battle of the Monongahela. I live about one mile from this battlefield. Unfortunately, there is nothing left of it. Maybe this is why I enjoy visiting the Civil War battlefields so much.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

ah, but there is now a small museum on the site of the first encounter of the British and French forces. check Braddock's Batlefield History Center at google.
Do you make dioramas for sale?