Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

I had a somewhat random thought last night. If the Confederacy had succeeded what day would Confederates celebrate as Independence Day? There was a lot of rhetoric about how they were continuing the work of Washington, Jefferson, etc so they probably would have had a 4th of July celebration but it seems odd for two countries to celebrate the same day for similar reasons. I think that eventually some other holiday would have become more prominent to Confederates. Would this have been the day that the peace treaty was signed, or when an armistice was declared, or the battlefield victory that made peace assured, or Jefferson Davis' inauguration, or the firing on Fort Sumter, or the first meeting in Montgomery, or the day South Carolina officially started the whole mess? My guess is that it would either be the Fort Sumter anniversary or whenever some battle secured peace.

I'll be celebrating Independence Day by taking my son to Four Mile House Park in Denver. They always do a pretty good Independence Day celebration. There will be a Civil War camp (infantry and artillery), Abe Lincoln (a pretty good local presenter), wagon rides and other fun stuff. Probably will also take him to a cemetery, he seems to like going through them with me. Then we'll go to my parents' house for some brats and burgers. We'll probably watch fireworks from our front yard like we did last year. I think the Rockies will also broadcast the stadium show, so we can watch that if there is not much locally to see. I should have some pictures to share Monday from Four Mile House.

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