Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ezra Church

I never did find any interpretive signs for the battle of Ezra Church in Atlanta. I did find this nice cemetery on the battlefield with an interesting monument.

Apparently the birds like the monument too.


simon mawson said...

there are actually overgrown trenches in that same cementary that you have to do some serching to find. Also there is a large urban park with very little interpretation that marked the center of the union position. I think the name was mosley park.

Chris Evans said...

Here is a link that has some photos of some of the markers about the Battle of Ezra Church:

It is interesting that Atlanta has not completely destroyed all of their Civil War sites, though they have tried.

I've heard an anecdote that the federal government gave Georgia the ability to save one battlefield from the Atlanta campaign. They could choose between Kennesaw Mountain or Peachtree Creek. Georgia chose Kennesaw because it was a Confederate victory! I wish they would have just gone ahead and saved both.