Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Historical Marker Database

I am a big fan and user of Historical Marker Database (hmdb.org). With some prodding from Craig Swain from that site, as well as his blog "To the Sound of the Guns," I have decided to enter some monuments and markers into the Historical Marker Database site. My first entry there was a repeat of one I made here, the Wisconsin state monument at Shiloh. There are some differences, the biggest one being that Historical Marker Database lists GPS coordinates for all of its entries. I've used the database many times to look for markers, now I'll be helping out my fellow travelers. You can see my first entry here.

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markerhunter said...

Nick, any additions you make to HMDB are appreciated. We are missing much on the Western theater. Growing up as a "Westerner" many of the monuments and markers you might enter are like "old friends" to me.