Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gettysburg Daily

One of my favorite sites of late is Gettysburg Daily. I'm not sure who the author(s) is but they seem to be well connected among the guides there. Guides make frequent appearances in pictures and text. And they don't agree with the new pricing structure. At one point they had a post that explained how to get into the museum for free. But its a good way to keep in touch of what is happening in Gettysburg. A couple weeks ago they had several posts about the road repaving and how asphalt was touching a flank marker (and was eventually fixed). Yesterday's post was about the work being done on the Wills House. One great feature is that every picture tells you the compass direction the camera was facing, even on shots inside buildings.

I've added it to the blog list on the side but in some respects its not like a standard blog around here. It doesn't allow comments. It doesn't have a list of blogs, nor even previous entries. It does offer a list of categories but its pretty broad.


Anonymous said...


I found this site a couple of weeks ago myself and its a great addition to my IE favorites. Will be walking the Gettysburg field again next week so I should be able to match up w/ some of the pictures.


Anonymous said...


there is an archive section for Gettysburg Daily for previous posts


markerhunter said...


I first noticed GB Daily (and GB 365) back in August when doing some research on Gettysburg for my monument entries. I like the caption tags "facing north at..." on the photos. Really helps when attempting to place key points on the battlefield in persepctive.