Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Glass Reservation

At the base of Missionary Ridge on the north end of the ridge is Glass Reservation, named for the Glass House that was near this spot in 1863. It is near the tunnel of Tunnel Hill and thus is also near the Sherman Reservation on the very northern end of the ridge. This is another part of the battle that is difficult to visit, there is no parking, you just need to find a spot on the street nearby and hope for the best. This is also a rough area, like Orchard Knob. In fact I've had more trouble with people here than I've had at Orchard Knob. That might just be because the people who live in the houses closest to Glass Reservation were bad those days and new tenants may be quite nice today.

This is a tiny parcel of land, I think its the second smallest of the Missionary Ridge reservations, the Turchin Reservation is clearly the smallest. But it does have three monuments and two markers. The monuments are for the 26th and 90th Illinois of Loomis' brigade and the 73rd Pennsylvania of Buschbeck's brigade. These were men Sherman tried to use to flank the Tunnel Hill position from the west side of the ridge but to no avail.

In this first photo there is a road on the other side of the stone wall, that road curves a bit to the left but takes you directly to the Sherman Reservation.

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atidad said...

Thanks for posting these. Last month we stopped at the Sherman Reservation, but it was getting late andn we had to skip this one. I'd never heard of the "Glass Reservation", but that's because on the Nat. Park Serv. maps it's named the "73rd Pennsylvania Res.," including the current online map.