Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bragg Reservation - views

Cobb's Kentucky Battery was positioned near Bragg's headquarters. The guns were all named for the wives of Confederate officers; Lady Buckner, Lady Breckinridge, Lady Lyon, and Lady Gracey. If this was meant for good luck it apparently did not help much as they lost all 4 guns.
A view of the battery taken in the spring, I've always loved this picture. Everytime I've been there since I hope the tree is blooming like it was this day but it's never been quite right since.
From the north end of the Bragg Reservation a two picture panoramic of the northern end of Chattanooga.

Looking down the ridge to show to some degree the steepness of the slope in this vicinity. Of course modern road building has changed the nature of the slope but you can still see that it is pretty steep here. Cobb's Battery would not be able to fire too effectively here due to that slope.
I tried to post this picture yesterday with the monument post but after 4 tries it still wouldn't load. I got lucky today, it finally worked. This is for the 97th Ohio. In addition to being part of the Missionary Ridge assault force they were the first unit to set foot in Chattanooga on September 9th, 1863.

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