Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Donelson's Brigade Monument @ Perryville

This monument seems pretty new, I didn't see a date on the monument but based on style and weathering it looks pretty new. Perryville does not have many monuments, I believe there are only 5 and they will be the subject of the next few posts.

Donelson's Brigade formed to the left of Stewart and Maney on the Confederate right. They were involved in the attacks on Parson's and Starkweather's Hills that were subject or previous posts. The monument says that the 16th Tennessee lost about half its force in a few minutes at the beginning of the attack. Their total losses for the day were 41 killed, 151 wounded and 7 missing; 199 total, though no opening combat strength is given. The other regiments in the brigade lost about 30-40 men total so the 16th Tennessee definitely saw the brunt of the fighting.

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