Monday, July 16, 2007

Blog stats

It seems like yesterday I started this little blog. (Today is actually day 84 and this is post #99) I thought it'd just a fun way to share some stuff I've done and am working on. And it has been. But I've been amazed at how well its been received.

Blogger has a little program that tracks how people came to my blog, and all sorts of other information about them. For instance I know that my blog has been viewed in 45 countries worldwide, which I find astounding. I can also see that every state in the Union has visited my blog, except for North Dakota and Mississippi. Colorado has the most visits, which is understandable since that's where I am and I'm probably getting a lot of hits from my fellow roundtable members. Rounding out the top 5 are Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia and California.

Also at some point today I will hit my 1000th unique visitor. I started the day with 995 unique visitors so it will happen sometime today. Those 995 people have visited the site 2478 times and viewed 4542 pages.

These numbers seem like a lot to me but I can tell from the referring sources that some other blogs are getting a ton more traffic than me. That's fine, I never really thought I'd get much traffic, I just wanted a place to write. I think writing is one of those things that you've got to do everyday, just to keep yourself sharp. The more you write the better you'll be and even a little bit everyday helps. As past readers know I recently had a setback on a publishing project. After mopping around a bit and lacking the proper motivation I'm now ready to dive back into that again. I had to think of a new way to attack the project, now I have my plan and I'm ready to go again. So in the near future I'll probably use this space more as a diary detailing the ups and downs of my plan of attack than for the battlefield tours that have so far been a staple. Of course my project ties directly into my touring so there will probably be things in the research that prompt a post on as aspect of touring.

Anyway thanks for joining me on this journey so far and hopefully you'll stick with me a bit longer.


Don said...


Congratulations on reaching 1,000 already. Just be careful, checking that silly counter can be addictive!

I look forward to reading about the project and have enjoyed the tours, since you haven't covered one that I've visited yet.


Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that there are very few computers in North Dakota and especially Mississippi!!!!