Thursday, May 28, 2009

Andersonville - monuments in the cemetery

Part two in our look at the monuments of Andersonville.

This is the monument you first encounter when entering the cemetery. Its not a favorite of mine but I had to include it since I'll have every other monument represented.

New York

I didn't realize I was getting this sun burst at the time but like how it turned out.

Illinois. Here youngsters are being taught about the sacrifice that the men went through in the prison camp.


Inside the archway was this relief, which shows the men using cups on sticks to get at Providence Spring.

I especially liked the inscription on the monument so I'm including it all.


New Jersey


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Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Wow! Fabulous pics from across the nation. So cool you get to go to all those places.

I live in Northern Virginia near Manassas Battlefield (a la Bull Run). Walking the Battlefields has brought me to more places than the fields. It's amazing, isn't it? History feeds the imagination.

I'm working on a collection of Battlefield poetry. Just need to get the edits and data entry done.