Friday, April 25, 2008

Arkansas state monument

This monument sits near one of my favorite monuments on the battlefield, the Wisconsin state monument. You can usually see it poking through the trees from the Wisconsin monument, its a neat sight to see that soldier through the trees, like he's peering through the trees back at me.
Confederate Troops from Arkansas present at engaged in the Battle of Shiloh.

The following named Field Officers of Arkansas troops were killed, or died of wounds received on the Battlefield of Shiloh
Lt. Col. A. D. Grayson, 12th Arkansas
Lt. Col. John M. Dean, 7th Arkansas
Lt. Col. A. K. Patton, 15th Arkansas
Maj. J. T. Harris, 15th Arkansas
Lt. Col. Charles E. Patterson, 2nd Arkansas, wounded April 6th, died April 7th.

To the brave Confederate dead of Arkansas who fell upon this battlefield, this monument is erected by the Arkansas Div. United Daughters of the Confederacy in the year 1910.

1st Arkansas (Fagan) Gibson's Brigade, Bragg's Corps
15th Arkansas (Patton) Cleburne's Brigade, Hardee's Corps
2nd Arkansas (Govan)
6th Arkansas (Hawthorn)
7th Arkansas (Dean) Shaver's Brigade, Hardee's Corps
8th Arkansas (Patterson)
9th (14th) Arkansas Battalion (Kelly) Woods' Brigade, Hardee's Corps
9th Arkansas (Dunlop)
10th Arkansas (Merrick) Bowen's Brigade, Breckinridge's Corps
13th Arkansas (Tappan) Stewart's Brigade, Polk's Corps
Calvert's Battery (Shoup's Battalion)
Hubbard's Battery (Cleburne's Brigade),
Trigg's Battery (Hardee's Corps)
Roberts' Battery (Unassigned)

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