Saturday, June 30, 2007

Perryville - opening attack

The battle of Perryville began as a fight over water. The fall of 1862 was a dry time in Kentucky. Doctor's Creek was little more than pools of water, not really a creek anymore. As the Union army came into position, with a plan to attack the next day when the whole army was in place, sharp skirmishing broke out along the creek bed as both sides tried to gain control of the important water.

Here is the Union's view of Doctor's Creek. The H. P. Bottom house can be seen just to the right of the road on the Union (west) side of the creek. Also of note the Perryville state park has recently acquired battlefield land that was later called Sleettown. I have yet to see it on a map but I'm pretty sure the land is the high ground across the creek from this position.
Today the creek is much more impressive than it was in October 1862.
And a view from the creek looking up at the Union positions on the hill.

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